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We keep up with the trend of Internet development, and we fully apply the information technology of big data, and we firmly believe that the core values of high-quality personnel.

We're looking for you, a challenger who embraces the Internet and a passion for change! An aspiring youth who works with a high IQ team and is unwilling to be mediocre! A new human being looking forward to a free and open culture! A tough, tough, independent person!

Come on, let's go together and go farther"

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Financial accountant     Ordinary operator    


Financial accountant

Requirements: high school or higher, will be the basic office software operation, financial experience is preferred

Recruitment number: 2 people

Treatment: probationary period of 2,000 yuan, positive 2300-2500 yuan

Ordinary operator

        Job Title: General Operator

        Department: Production Department

        Number of recruits: 20

        Occupational requirements:

        Male and female, 18-50 years old, junior high school or higher, practical experience is preferred.

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