What should I pay attention to?

        Installation Precautions:

        1, request advance 24 delivery, so that the floor to adapt to the indoor humidity and temperature.

        2, to ensure that the indoor formation, clean, dust and rugged. Such as the election space height difference of 2 cm must be flattened, the wall should be flat to avoid the baseboard display seam.

        3, shop before the tide layer must be determined on the ground dry, smooth, geothermal floor must be used for geothermal ground.

        4, between the floor and the wall to leave 8 - 10mm gap to prevent the tide expansion

        5, each room from a piece of the plate, different rooms at the door with metal buckle separated. If the room area is large, then every 8 to 10 meters to ease the impact of thermal expansion and contraction.

        6, the floor should be slightly higher than the kitchen and toilet to avoid damp deformation.

        7, geothermal floor, first in the wall drilling, nail spacing of not more than half a meter, otherwise the base line is not strong.

Finally, after the completion of the pavement to let the floor dry for more than 24 hours, so that the glue dry and breathable, during the period do not force stampede or put heavy objects in the above.

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