What are the common problems with the floor?

       1. The reason for the lack of drums is due to the fact that the number of blankets and keels, the number of slabs and floor nails is small or nailed, and sometimes due to changes in the moisture content of the sheet caused by shrinkage or glue failure Cause Therefore, strict inspection of sheet moisture content, adhesive and other quality of the process is particularly important. After passing the inspection to use, the installation of nails should not be too little.

       2. The main cause of uneven surface is uneven grass or floor deformation caused by drums. In the construction, the application of the level of the keel surface leveling, if the uneven should be adjusted wood. The keel should be ventilated. Board edge should be set aside for 10 mm ventilation. Insulation insulation material must be dry to prevent the board from damp after the drum. Wood floor surface roughness error should be within 1 mm.

       3. The reasons for the uneven patchwork In addition to the construction of non-standard, the width of the plate size error and poor processing quality is also an important reason.

       4. The main cause of local Alice in addition to the board damp deformation, there are small plaster or patchwork seamless, the use of water pipes and other water leakage caused by wet floor. After the floor pavement, brushing the floor paint should be complete film, daily use to prevent water into the lower part of the floor, to clean up the surface layer of water.

       5. corner: the floor in the handling process of bumps, the construction staff in the construction process did not pay attention or after the construction of clean up the glue when the shovel, so that the corners of the corner corners of the phenomenon;

       6. Surface off: After the construction, the weapon or heavy objects fall to the ground floor, so that the floor is affected; or floor processing, the surface and the substrate is not gluing good, after a period of time, the surface and the substrate degumming;

       7. Scratches: the customer on the floor when the furniture or heavy objects, the floor and the items are mixed with nails or sand and other debris, drag on the floor caused by damage to the floor wear layer or obvious scratches.

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