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The reason of the color of the floor substrate

       In the purchase of flooring substrate will be found when the floor substrate with color, which is determined by the natural properties. How did that color produce? We can learn from the wood section of the wood color difference to produce the principle.

       Trees in the natural growth process, affected by climate change and soil conditions, the natural formation of the same part of the different parts of the wood color, texture varies. Heart material usually color depth, located in the trunk cross section of the internal, heart material gradually formed by the sapwood, and sapwood is located in the trunk of the external, usually shallow color.

       The woody wood is composed of various factors such as pigment, resin, gum, tannin and grease. The same tree species are discolored due to dry and wet, section tree age, exposure time in the air, decay and fungal infection And tree height and site and other factors, material color has changed. Some of the boxes are made of roots made of roots, some are made of trees, and the floors are close to the root of the tree. The color of the floor is deep and the weight is large. The color of the tree near the tree is light and light; Local color is light, light weight; close to the heart of the local color deep, heavy weight. Therefore, we found a box of color in the floor is sometimes inconsistent, the weight is not the same reason.

       Through the above content we understand that the color is sometimes inevitable, we buy the time to grasp the main quality, there is no major color is a big problem.

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