Technical literature

Floor type of substrate

       One of the flooring substrates: tiles

       Presumably we have seen in the market floor tiles, that is, we usually said in the life of the floor tiles, this kind of floor decoration materials, is the use of clay after high temperature firing, due to the special nature of materials and processing technology, Floor tiles with material texture hard, wear-resistant heat, acid and alkali is not seepage and easy to clean the advantages of if we want to select the floor tiles, we can from the floor tiles of non-slip degree, specifications, color, texture, etc. , This substrate of the floor per square meter in the market sales price is generally between 40 yuan to 150 yuan.

       Floor substrate two: wood

       Wood flooring is made in recent years, one of the most popular flooring flooring, the so-called wooden floor, refers to the use of wood materials for processing made of the floor, which a wide range of wood flooring, and can be divided into solid wood flooring, solid wood composite Flooring, laminate flooring, natural landscape feng shui floor, bamboo flooring, cork flooring six categories, the use of wood produced the biggest advantage of the floor is with a strong natural flavor, with natural texture and texture, with many types of furniture coordination , Giving a warm feeling, these wooden floor per square meter in the market sales price is generally between 55 to 200 yuan.

       Floor substrate three: MDF

       The so-called density board, refers to the raw materials to wood fiber and other plant fiber-based, and then apply a suitable adhesive a plate, it belongs to the man-made board, according to its density to points, we can divide the density board into low density Plate, MDF and high density board, MDF material uniformity, the use of MDF made of the floor has a good physical properties, there will be no dehydration phenomenon, after careful manual processing, such flooring also has a certain Sound-absorbing function, this floor per square meter in the market price of sales are generally tens of dollars.

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