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What is the good floor substrate

       Flooring substrate is related to the quality and service life of the floor, the floor from the drum, deformation, mold and so on the problem is largely due to the substrate caused. Here we have to North American maple multi-layer solid wood flooring, for example, to see what is a good substrate.

       Tree species

       Willow eucalyptus species because of its long fiber length, dry shrinkage ratio is small, the stability of the commonly used in the base tree species is the strongest, but due to planting and other reasons, the market has disappeared, so only the birch substrate is the most Popular, is the most suitable on the market geothermal floor of the substrate trees. To ensure the stability of the substrate not only to see the merits of its species, but also to see whether the same species. The same tree species of the same shrinkage ratio of the same material, the degree of dry shrinkage expansion and the rhythm is the same, it is not easy to cause local deformation. North American maple floor of the multi-layer solid wood substrate all the use of all birch, to ensure the stability of the substrate.

       Processing technology

       North American maple flooring substrate all from the logs began, their own factory processing, the real realization of forest integration. Not only the use of the same tree species, and the use of substrate encryption technology, the logs sliced vertical and horizontal stacking, through the hot pressing and cold pressing process, the 16.5mm substrate pressed into 15mm substrate, and most of the market The substrate is made of 15.5mm, the same thickness, the material is more than the ordinary floor, the density is higher than the ordinary floor, of course, relatively stable.

       In addition, the North American maple floor with a lock process, free plastic pavement, environmental standards can reach the world's highest environmental standards F4 stars, <0.3mg / l, and does not limit the use and pavement area, green. Lock pendant is not only perfect, but also solve the sound problem, so that consumers experience a comfortable home environment.

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