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What is the environmental rating of the MDF

       First, according to national standards, MDF according to its free formaldehyde content can be divided into E0 level, E1 level, E2 level. E2 grade formaldehyde emission is ≤5mg / L; E1 grade formaldehyde emission is ≤1.5mg / L, can be used directly for interior decoration; E0 grade formaldehyde emission is ≤0.5mg / L. Consumers in the purchase of MDF, should try to buy low-formaldehyde emission of goods, such goods more secure.

       Second, the common specifications for the 2440mm * 1220mm, thickness of 3mm, 5mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 25mm and so on. Can also be customized other special specifications, the thickness of the MDF.

       Third, the MDF features:

       1. Material is uniform, the board structure is dense, the surface is smooth and smooth, it is not easy to deform, the performance is stable, the edge is very light, delicate, not easy to collapse, stratified; non-toxic, tasteless, no radiation,

       2. Thermal insulation performance is good, no aging, strong cohesion;

       3. The static strength, tensile strength, moisture content, nail holding force, water swelling rate and formaldehyde content and other indicators are better than GB / T117181-999, GBl8580-2001 national standard (internal strength of up to O.74Mpa water absorption thickness Expansion rate of less than 3%, moisture content of about 5%).

       4. Medium density fiberboard than ordinary particle board fiber delicate, finishes flat, can not afford to drum, not layered, can greatly reduce the use of materials. Select the medium density fiberboard main detection of formaldehyde emission and structural strength, medium density fiberboard by formaldehyde release volume E1, E2 and E0 level, formaldehyde emission is generally not more than 30mg / 100g as a qualified product. Piano production in the use of E1, E0 level.

       5. Common materials are pine, poplar, eucalyptus wood and so on. In the country, medium density fiberboard is already a good material for furniture manufacturing and home decoration.

       Fourth, the advantages of MDF

       MDF smooth surface, fine material, stable performance, the edge of a solid, and the decorative surface of the board is good. But the density of the board is poor, and in contrast, the density of the clamping force on the board less than the particle board, screw tightening if the loose, due to the intensity of the MDF is not high, it is difficult to fix.

       1, MDF is easy to finish processing. All kinds of paint, paint can be evenly coated on the MDF, is the preferred substrate for the effect of paint.

       2, MDF is a beautiful decorative plate.

       3, all kinds of veneer, adhesive film, decorative panels, light metal sheet, melamine board and other materials can be affixed to the MDF surface.

       4, hard density board by punching, drilling, can also be made of sound absorption board, used in architectural decoration works.

       5, excellent physical properties, material uniformity, there is no dehydration problem.

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