What is the reason for the thickness plate thickness deviation?

       I believe that whether the MDF manufacturers or MDF dealers often receive customers such feedback: customers buy the actual thickness of the plate with the thickness of their requirements are not the same. Normally, the normal thickness deviation of the plate is ± 0.2mm. Of course, because the plate production process for a variety of reasons leading to the thickness of the finished product quality problems. What are the main causes of density plate thickness deviation?

       1, raw materials pavement uneven

       MDF in the production process, the uniformity of raw materials pavement is one of the important factors affecting the thickness deviation of finished products. If there is a weight uneven or left and right pavement uneven, it will lead to other layers of slab thickness deviation, the emergence of "wedge plate" and ultra-thin, thin plate.

       2, hot plate deformation

       China's current production of the majority of manufacturers density plate thickness deviation is due to deformation caused by hot plate. There are two main reasons for the deformation of hot plate: preheating heating uneven, the temperature rises too fast; in the production process of missing slab, light slab, short slab and so on.

       3, slab in the hot plate in the position of asymmetry

       When the slab in the hot plate position is not symmetrical, the hot plate in the pressure process can not always maintain a horizontal state, resulting in thickness deviation.

       4, the hydraulic system position control is not accurate

       Xiaobian in this simple with you to describe the working principle of multi-layer press: multi-layer presses are generally using multiple cylinders at the same time work, and some press all the cylinders are directly connected with the same pressure pipe, their The pressure is the same at any time, can not be individually changed and adjusted, it can not overcome the uneven pavement, slab in the pressure plate position asymmetry and other reasons caused by the thickness deviation.

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